Established in October 2006,
Icas srl was founded by people with more than 20 years experience in the agro-suppliers sector.
The combination of the in-depth knowledge of the industry and the modernity of the production techniques used, allow us to offer our customers the ideal products to meet their needs. Thanks to our expertise and know-how we are able to provide front-runner products besides a fast and accurate service both nationally and internationally.

Icas srl
Sede legale: Via Stradivari, 4
20131 - Milano
Sede Amm.: Via arti e mestieri, 1
05023 - Baschi (TR)
CF/P.iva 03992380752

Our Mission

• Reduce the use of chemistry in Agricolture
• Widen both the national and international distribution in order to expand the boundaries of integrated farming
• Carry on a dedicated and continuous field -study in order to enhance the results achieved by our customers

"Our experience matching with yours will lead to yield the most satisfying results for you and your own customers."

Eugenio Mescolini, CEO